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About Me

A good picture can make you smile or cry.  A great picture tells a story.  I've been helping people tell their stories my whole life.  

The first half of my career was in music and audio production.  I was a song writer in Nashville and recording studio owner in Memphis.  For 25 years I worked with advertising agencies, corporations and film companies producing commercials, audio for corporate training films, radio commercials and audio for major motion pictures.  I was privileged to collaborate with companies like AutoZone, FedEx, Hilton Hotels, Hampton Inn, IBM, Smith Nephew, Medtronic and hundred of other advertising agencies producing award winning audio soundtracks.  I've also been involved with over 30 major motion pictures working with talented actors like: Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Terrence Howard, Billy Bob Thornton, Dixie Carter, John O'Hurley and Bruce Beresford.

  At some point along the way I went on a vacation and decided I really like taking pictures so here I am...​

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